TI - 46 Inverted Eight wtih Landing

[march 2004, a possible "other" way to describe a compulsory]


Eight on horizontal line
Height 40
Width of Eight 15
No stops or hesitations while flying Line and Eight

  1. straight line crossing at center of Eight
  2. two point landing
  3. landing at given point; <25


"IN" call:
when the kite is at ^5
After 10 horizontal flight the kite enters an 'eight' figure. The diameter of the arcs is approximately 15 with the top of the eight at ^40. The point where the two straight lines intersect is at ^25 height. After returning to the same base-line as during the IN-call, flying about 25 horizontally the kite executes a landing.
"OUT" call:
when the kite is landed AT >25 on two wingtips without spins or rolls.

Scoring Range

Deductions from 100 points, (no negative score)
percentages added and deducted last.

no Eight: -100
skewed more than 10 : -10
more than 15 -30
Height: -10 for each 5 difference
Width: -10 for each 2.5 difference
Stops or serious hesitations: -10
Ground touch: -20

  1. no straight line crossing at center of Eight (TWO straight lines): -30
  2. no two point landing: -30
  3. wrong place landing: -20 for each 5 left difference


  1. With the given description the top circle will be and look smaller!
  2. No downward turn for the landing, just "nose up" and descending the kite
  3. no deductions for landing closer to center
    1. Diagram

      ti-46 compulsory diagram!

      Notes on diagram:
      2.5 is slightly less than a kite-width
      figure seen from the back
      the white lines around the figure are bottom, 60 left, up and right
      The center white line is center window.

      A 3-d animation of this figure can be found at
      but you will need a VRML plug-in for your browser.