Judging Competition of Kite Acrobatics (Sport Kite)


Judging is no easy task, in any sport!
To assist the "kite" judges, and to improve judging; workshops could be organised.

Links :

Possible program for a judging workshop

Articles as published in KiteLife

about the technical and more philosophical aspects of judging kite acrobatics (or sport kiting).
Also to be used as basis for the workshop

Other information

Handbooks for flyers, judges and organizers; scoresheets and scoring program; Rule Books etc. Here.
Handbooks and the text of the new (august 2006) IRBC rule books
in handy A6 format (both pdf and Wordperfect )
The originals : the official IRBC website

Explanation of the old and new grid

as I wrote it years ago!
A new (provisional) way to describe a compulsory
The first link shows a static version, the second one allows to "walk around it" , which seems to work only in "Mozilla" - browsers unfortunately.
The essence is that both flyer and judge can see the same thing, flying without using a grid. Both should also know before how to value deviations/mistakes.
TI-46 static
the other TI-46


Hans Jansen op de Haar

e-mail: Hans@kitesonlines.org

september 1, 2009